Bad Moon Rising


The feature screenplay was voted WINNER of the 2015 Screencraft Horror Screenplay Contest.

"Smart, grisly and cinematic..." - ScreenCraft


Trapped inside a bank after a botched robbery, a group of criminals must fight to survive the night
when their hostages become werewolves.


The film is: 'From Dusk Till Dawn' meets 'Dog Soldiers'.


After a daring daylight robbery of a small town bank goes horribly wrong, a group of criminals take hostages and barricade themselves inside. With police on the scene the stage is set for a long standoff.

With the sun slowly sinking and nerves beginning to fray, the bank manager and his family plead with their captors to be released. But it is too late. A full moon has begun to rise and they suddenly transform into bloodthirsty werewolves. It is a massacre. The criminals’ guns prove useless and the bound hostages are like lambs to the slaughter.

Hearing screams and gunfire, the police storm the bank and join the fight. But the werewolves are too quick, too strong, and the policemen are torn to shreds. Seeing a chance of escape, the survivors – a bloodied selection of criminals, police and hostages – rush to the entrance, only to have the power system overload and security doors engage before their eyes. They’re trapped.

The situation goes from bad to worse when a group of heavily armed werewolf hunters crash through the ceiling, take control of the situation and force the survivors to be bait in their deadly trap. But the werewolves are cunning and survive the hunters’ trap.

Now the only chance of survival for this handful of cops, crims and hostages is to outwit the hunters, fight their way to the vault, lock themselves inside and wait until morning.

Bad Moon Rising movie concept art 01


“Bad Moon Rising” is a balls-to-the-walls, badass, action/horror/werewolf film. This isn’t about a recently bitten individual dealing with the curse... Nope, it’s just regular people forced into fighting the creatures. They’re kickin’ ass and takin’ names, not a bunch of scared teenagers running, hiding and crying for their mommies.

Predominantly old-school, practical prosthetic effects with minimal CGI, these werewolves are going to be evil, terrifying beasts straight from the depths of hell. Blood will splatter the walls, and bodies will be ripped apart. This definitely ain’t no fairytale, teen-angst, love story.



To illustrate the desired tone/mood/style for the film, the following rip-o-matic trailer was created. This was made for pitching purposes only.


SHORT FILM (promo piece/directing sample):

A modified version of the feature film’s opening sequence was shot in order to act as a guide to the overall feel of the film, and to showcase Scott's work as a director in the horror genre.

Scott's intended vision is for an old-school style that avoids the overly colour graded, jerky handheld camera work and quick editing that seems to dominate a lot of horror films these days. The film will also pay homage to the werewolf classics by predominantly utilising prosthetic make-up effects instead of CGI.

This short was accomplished on an extremely limited budget and only shows a minimalistic look at the werewolf transformation effects. The final werewolf is not shown, but is going to be a beast straight out of the depths of hell.

"... a kickass werewolf short ... When Hamilton gets the feature version down, count me in."

- Mike McCutchen, AIN'T IT COOL NEWS

"... a full-on, practical effects extravaganza, I want this a feature, stat."


"A gritty horror-crime hybrid, the short sank its teeth into the Screamfest

audience, who in return demanded a feature version."

- Sean Decker, DREAD CENTRAL

"... a superb production, showcasing top-notch werewolf effects and make-up ... Hopefully director

Scott Hamilton will serve the hearty main course for us all soon, under the guise of a bright, full-moon."


"I’m a sucker for practical werewolves, and in 7 minutes Hamilton & co. manage to put many past wolf films to shame."


Currently, the short film has been officially selected into over 60 international film festivals, including the following:


The short film was recently highlighted in Rue Morgue Magazine.

Special Effects make-up designer, Steven Boyle, had a featured interview in Fangoria Magazine after his "Chainsaw Award" winning work on the Spierig Bros. vampire film "Daybreakers". Nice mention of the short and a full page picture of our creation.